Today's Message

As you click through our website, we trust that you will see a glimpse of our lives as missionaries to Botswana, Africa. We absolutely love where we live, what we do and the people God has called together as a team in Africa. We hope that the pictures and words in this website will resonate “God so loved the World” within you!

Who We Are

Matthew and Kristin Buckley are 1987 and 1988 graduates of RHEMA Bible Training Center in the USA. They met at RHEMA and were married in 1988. Matt served in Southern Africa with an evangelist for five months during their engagement and they returned to Botswana together in 1989.


Where We Minister

The Republic of Botswana is a beautiful country located right in the heart of southern Africa. This home to nearly 2 million citizens is by far the most peaceful and democratic country in Africa. The Kalahari Desert and some of the world’s largest diamond mines make this Texas-sized nation spectacular.


Why We Do It

A vision statement speaks of the end result. We do what we do because we see the end result: people who are strong, overcoming, secure in God’s love, standing on a firm foundation of God’s unchanging Word and going on to train others to let their light shine! Training people who train people!