WHERE We Minister


botswana-mapThe Republic of Botswana is a beautiful country located right in the heart of southern Africa. This home to nearly 2 million citizens is by far the most peaceful and democratic country in Africa. The Kalahari Desert and some of the world’s largest diamond mines make this Texas-sized nation spectacular.
The desert climate makes for extreme climates – hot, hot summers and cold winters. Next to diamonds, cattle is the main industry. In fact, there are more cattle than citizens in the nation.
Botswana was formerly a British Protectorate, and gained their independence in 1966 (shown beautifully in the movie A United Kingdom). They are now the second fastest growing economy in the world. As with many former British colonies, English is widely spoken.
Botswana is within a day’s drive of twelve African nations. The country is strategically located to be a launching pad for national ministers.
city-centreThe city of Francistown, home to Light of the World Ministries, is located in Northeastern Botswana and has a population of 100,000 people, making it the second largest city in Botswana. Countless villages surround Francistown, giving opportunity for a wide perspective of ministry. The Buckleys see Francistown, Botswana as an ideal place from which to spread the Good News throughout Africa.