Internship Program


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to help build a church in a rural village, pray for a child suffering from an incurable disease or to share the Good News with someone who has never before heard of Jesus? If so, Light of the World Internship Program could be for YOU!

“Am I called to live in a foreign country?”
Are you wondering if the mission field is for you? Light of the World Ministries is prepared to assist people answer questions regarding foreign missions through its internship program.

“Do I have the necessary skills to live overseas?”
New missionaries often experience the same dilemma many college graduates face – having no experience, so it is difficult to find a job, but they can’t find a job because they have no experience. This internship program is designed to bridge that gap for new missionaries.

“How do I prepare for life in another country?”
Those who complete this internship program will leave knowing if they are called to live overseas. If they are called, they will have gained the confidence to present their vision to others and fulfill that vision. They will have acquired the necessary skills and spiritual training to be successful in the field to which God has called them.

What to Expect

Light of the World Ministries consists of a thriving community church, a solid Bible school and a quality elementary school. With its diverse ministries, it is an ideal situation for hosting this internship program.

Interns are exposed to a wide variety of mission life experiences. Life skills are taught, including the following topics: vehicle and property maintenance, health and nutrition, agriculture, cooking and sewing, language acquisition, personal finance on the mission field and more.

Practical Ministries are taught through hands-on ministry in the following areas: village ministry, children’s ministry, youth ministry, hospital ministry, planning and participation in local church activities, introduction to administration, community services (including schools, prisons, disabled children institutes, AIDS centers).

Spiritual Growth is encouraged through times of private and corporate worship, Bible studies and personal devotions. Interns attend formal Bible training in a classroom setting. Topics include Marriage and Family, Ministerial Ethics, Church History, Communication Skills, Submission and Authority, and much more.

Interns are housed on a private property, including a 12-bedroom, recreation area, walking trails and a soon coming swimming pool! The dorms are located just 10 minutes from Francistown city center. Interns enjoy everyday life in a modern, African setting.





Which one is for you?

One Month Program

This program is designed for those who want to have a “taste” of mission life. One month interns join with the one year program for the activities for that period. Special, intensive classes are included to give a general overview of mission life. One month interns may choose, with the input and approval of the directors, the month which they will attend. The one month participant will no doubt desire to come back for more!

Three Month Program

The three month program is designed similarly to the one month program. The three month program is a set schedule and runs from June through August each year. Interns experience all that the one year participants experience for that three month period.

1 Year Program

Interns who participate in the one year program will be exposed to the most missions experiences, and upon completion of the one year program, will be eligible to receive a certificate of completion. Only those who complete one full, consecutive year will receive a certificate for both the Bible training they have completed as well as for the internship program.


Fees include international travel to Francistown, all transportation within Botswana, and food and accommodation.

Application Fee: $30
One Month Program: $2950* (any chosen month)
Three Month Program: $4750* (June-August, flexible)
One Year Program US $9950*

*Prices are subject to change without notice due to airfare and exchange rate fluctuations.


To receive a complete application package, please contact us.